Mini Implants


Mini Implants in Tri-Cities, WA

Mini implants are used in conjunction with an implant-supported denture to replace the teeth of an edentulous patient. Patients at Mid-Columbia Dental in Kennewick can use mini implants to retain a denture that is unstable and uncomfortable. A mini implant consists of a miniature-sized titanium implant that acts like the root of your tooth. On the top of the implant sits a retaining fixture that snaps into a corresponding fixture on your denture. The result is a more comfortable, stable denture that enables you to enjoy life without worrying about your teeth.

Mini Implants vs. Traditional Implants

Regular-sized implants require a minimum amount of bone structure in order to provide stability to the implant. Since mini implants are smaller than their regular-sized counterparts are, less bone structure is needed. If you have been told that your jaw has less than adequate bone, mini implants may be an option.

Placing mini implants is also often simpler and less time-intensive than placing full-sized implants. Full-sized implants generally require several months of healing before they can reliably support dental restorations, while Dr. Tim can place your mini implants, as well as the attached denture, right away.

Getting mini implants and an implant-supported denture at our Kennewick dental office is a simple and relatively pain-free process, and the recovery time is often just a day or two. To learn more about this revolutionary tooth-replacement procedure, schedule an appointment with Dr. Tim at Mid-Columbia Dental.


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