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Dr. Tim

Dr. Tim doesn’t help only patients, he helps dentists. He owns a dentists-only coaching company that serves 700 dentists across three continents. His network brings the top clinicians in the industry together to teach at his two facilities in Scottsdale and Indianapolis. You are now able to see the dentist other dentists look to right here in the Tri-Cities.

A Word From Dr. Tim

“I absolutely love that dentistry allows me to give back in so many ways. I am able to provide the highest-quality care to patients and help other dentists to do the same.”

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Dr. Spencer

Dr. Spencer is an award-winning authority in implant dentistry and is certified in conscious sedation dentistry. He enjoys golfing, sleeping, donuts and movies with his wife and four children. Originally from Arizona and with his wife from Washington, they both love how the Tri-Cities has all four seasons and makes them both feel at home.

A Word From Dr. Spencer

“My main motivator in dentistry is solving someone’s major problem. When they come to me in pain or distress, I love being able to help them arrive at their optimal solution. Being a dentist not only helps me to solve these problems, but it also helps educate my patients on the best way to prevent them from happening!”

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