Meet Dr. Tim McNamara


“Bacon!” That is the only thing Dr. Tim jokingly says when asked what he likes as much as being a dentist and serving his patients.

Dr. Tim McNamara is an award-winning dentist returning home to serve the Tri-Cities. He found early success in dentistry, which resulted in a unique opportunity to coach other dentists across the country. Through this coaching and serving other dentists, Dr. Tim discovered his principles of educating without selling are unique, and one of the reasons his first clinic grew so quickly.

I am ready to treat you and your family. Dentistry can be scary with the wrong dentist. My goal is to educate you, not sell to you. If we accomplish that, you win. The dental journey is one that literally lasts your entire lifetime. You have a choice and can choose any dentist you want. I hope you choose to spend your journey with Mid-Columbia Dental and a dentist you can count on to do right by you.

- Dr. Tim

Why do others just like you choose Mid-Columbia Dental?

What is the secret and why has Dr. Tim been a featured dentist, had articles written about him, and even coached other dentists? We will give you a hint… this experience is about you. Mid-Columbia Dental makes sure that the spotlight remains on you.

“Think back to negative experiences you have had in any healthcare environment. I have found that these experiences are likely rooted in miscommunication and the patient not being heard, not being the center of everyone's attention. Here you have a voice. We want to know what an amazing dental experience looks like to you. It is my goal to make you comfortable, and I want nothing more than to make you, and those you care about, part of this family.”

- Dr. Tim McNamara

Whether you love or hate your smile, you need an advocate you can count on, an advocate who listens and can be a part of your support system. Join countless others like you and discover what it is like to experience the highest quality of clinical care, delivered with a sense of family, honesty, warmth, pride, and Mid-Columbia spirit.

Outside of Mid-Columbia Dental

“If you ask me, I will tell you that I am married to my beautiful wife, Bridget, and we have two children together (Eason and Kenna). However, if you ask Bridget, she will say she has three children (Eason, Kenna, and of course me)! One thing we can agree on though is that the four of us are a happy family and that our dog Murphy eats way too much food!

“When not practicing dentistry you can find me enjoying my children, reading a good book, or looking for my golf ball about 250 yards out to the right.

“I am excited to meet you and your family, and to be your partner in managing and improving your oral health.” - Dr. Tim McNamara

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